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How unique can a website be?

Websites operate in an environment that is way too different from what we are used to in the regular print media and many are yet to understand this difference. On the web the customer is in the driving seat, he wants information and wants the information fast because he does not have all the time in the world and he is spending money to visit your website. Waste his time or try to cajole him or...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on November, 28 2009

Understanding Web development costing

As a matter of fact it is common to hear from a prospective client that Mr A said he will do this project for N10.00 so why are you asking for N100.00. Considering the fact that a fully functional website is not another piece of furniture it is important to state that it is supposed to showcase, inform and sell products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any room for downtime as people...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on October, 19 2009

How web developers can better handle website projects

However, it is possible to develop some principles and and stick to those principles. I must state here that what works for Mr A may not work for Mrs B so there is certainly no “one size fits all” solution here. Feel free to trash the advice below and if you like them implement at your own risk. Put differently, I am not offering any warranty on them. Closing deals is not really easy but from...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on September, 9 2009

Advice - Have 2 Proposals Ready For New Projects

The issue of price remains a major one even though the reason for price differences is not usually easy to explain especially when the prospective client would tell you that he/she paid N30,000.00 to the designer that worked on the project before or that we have received proposals from other people and none of the prices quoted is anything close to what you are asking for. One thing that has worked like magic for me is...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on September, 8 2009

Between Functionality And Beauty - Where Lies The Future Of Web Development?

Comments and suggestions from many web designers who are more interested in showcasing their skills sometimes to the detriment of the businesses they are supposed to provide functional websites for tend to point to one thing, “the client must agree to my idea of a good website or the client is missing the point”. It is not uncommon to visit sites that are not functional yet have all the pictures, animations and color combinations in the...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on June, 27 2008

Is your website task focused?

It seems that suddenly people are owning websites simply because their friends or business associates have websites. It is actually a good thing that people are taking to owning websites either for business or for pleasure but again if a website does not serve any useful purpose why waste disk space, bandwidth and scarce domain names? A website is supposed to help the owner achieve one or more things whether in the area of providing information...... Read more >>

By Afam Nnaji on January, 31 2008






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