Advice - Have 2 Proposals Ready For New Projects

By Afam Nnaji on September, 8 2009

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The issue of price remains a major one even though the reason for price differences is not usually easy to explain especially when the prospective client would tell you that he/she paid N30,000.00 to the designer that worked on the project before or that we have received proposals from other people and none of the prices quoted is anything close to what you are asking for.

One thing that has worked like magic for me is this - Prepare two proposals for the client First proposal will be for a static website with the basic functions Second proposal will have all the features of the static website but will now include database, programming, other dynamic features that will require custom coding With these two proposals it becomes very easy for the client to understand why your price does not have to be the same with with another person is proposing even for the same project.

NB: This applies when discussions about the project must have been finalized and price remains the only issue and certainly not before concluding on the understanding and workability of the project.


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